Grandma Jane Ellen

Grandma Jane was the epitome of elegance, radiating style and grace wherever she went. Her flawless makeup, perfectly manicured nails, meticulously cared-for hair, and impeccably pressed outfits exuded class. She had a stunning collection of jewelry and accessories that showcased her unique personality. And who could forget her unforgettable, albeit strong, signature perfume? I cherished everything about her, including that distinct scent. 

When I learned that Grandma Jane had worked as a beautician, it all made sense to me. It was like a revelation that connected the dots of my own journey into esthetics. Memories flooded back to me - the time she gave me my first set of makeup brushes and taught me the delicate art of enhancing my features, rather than hiding them. I also remember trying on prom dresses during a trip to Macy's when I was just 11 or 12, as a way to boost my teenage confidence. Our visits to the grand malls of Northern California were always special occasions for my brother and me. Even as her health declined, she held onto her glamorous wig, signature lipstick, and perfectly manicured nails. Her wisdom on presenting oneself with poise, a lesson she embodied, continues to guide me. 

My parents often joke that I am a spitting image of Grandma Jane, especially my dad. It's not an exaggeration - she had a strong personality, and her clashes with my dad were legendary. But I take great pride in inheriting aspects of both of them. Grandma Jane's influence is deeply ingrained in who I am, shaping how I carry myself and connect with my beloved clients, always offering warmth and love. It was only in adulthood that I truly understood the profound admiration I have for my grandmother and the lasting impact those cherished moments had on my childhood and self-image. 

At the young age of 14, my beloved grandmother passed away, leaving a void in my heart. My mom was the same age I am now when she lost her. Back then, I couldn't fully grasp the significance, but now I see how Grandma Jane's elegant legacy lives on through my mother's graceful demeanor, a testament to dignity and composure. It is an extraordinary gift, and I feel truly blessed to be part of a lineage of exceptional women who continue to inspire me. 

Grandma Jane personified elegance and poise, with a touch of flair and a whole lot of sass! As I follow in her footsteps, I dedicate this next chapter of my life to her. Grandma, I love you deeply, and your absence resonates within me,

Jane Ellen.

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