Alli From Jane Ellen Skin Studio

Hi, I’m Alli!

I’ve been servicing clients in the beauty industry for almost 17 years. I love to assist clients on their personalized skin journey and helping enhance your beauty–from the inside out! I believe in result driven treatments so for over a decade, I’ve relied on the Cosmedix skin care line. Cosmedix is a cosmeceutical grade product, meaning it provides you with medical grade results. 

I specialize in waxing, post acne scarring, and anti aging. However, I offer many different services, so you’ll be sure to find your skin's perfect match. Positive results are vital in achieving your aesthetic goals, but I also believe pampering and self-care is a form of wellness. When you book a service with me, I ensure you are relaxed and comfortable and on your way to all your aesthetic victories!

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A picture in a frame of grandma Jane

The Woman Behind the Brand

Grandma Jane was the epitome of elegance, radiating style and grace wherever she went. Her flawless makeup, perfectly manicured nails, meticulously cared-for hair, and impeccably pressed outfits exuded class. She had a stunning collection of jewelry and accessories that showcased her unique personality. And who could forget her unforgettable, albeit strong, signature perfume? I cherished everything about her, including that distinct scent.